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Bali Sunrise Trekking, Want to leave the beach area and the hot Bali region for a moment? Visit the cool Kintamani area and invite your friends and family to climb Mount Batur. Bali Sunrise Trekking Enjoy the natural beauty of this iconic and highly active volcano on a sunrise trekking adventure. A two-hour trek to the top and you’ll be treated to a beautiful sunrise over the verdant caldera. Watch as the thick blanket of darkness is replaced by shimmering orange and gold light, breaking from the silhouette of Mount Agung with the shimmer of the unspoiled Lake Batur.

Mount Batur Bali is an active volcano and considered to be one of Hinduism’s most sacred mountains. Bali Sunrise Trekking On this early morning tour, you’ll climb its steep slopes all the way to the 1717-yard summit for an unforgettable sunrise over the island. After soaking up the surroundings, your mountain guide will prepare a tasty breakfast cooked by the steam of the volcano.

Bali Sunrise Trekking

On the way home from the trek we will stop off at a Traditional Bali Coffee Processing or Bali Agrotourism, place to see various Tropical plantations and see how to make Balinese coffee in very traditional process, and we also get to sample of them as well as local herbal teas, coffees and the unusually processed Coffee Luwak, the most expensive coffee in the world.

Bali Sunrise Trekking Special Promotion
Breakfast & Hot Drink at Sunrise Point
Our experienced guides will take you to the hidden gems of Bali



01.30 – 02.30 AM: Hotel Pick Up

Start your magical morning with a convenient pick-up from your hotel (the exact time may vary depending on your location).

03.45 AM: Arrival at Mount Batur

Upon arrival at the starting point of Mount Batur, get ready for an amazing experience.

06.15 AM: Summit Conquest

Embark on an exhilarating journey as you conquer the summit of Mount Batur and witness the spellbinding sunrise over Bali’s stunning landscapes.

06.30 AM: Savor a Tasty Breakfast

Savor a delectable breakfast, specially prepared to be enjoyed amidst the panoramic beauty of Mount Batur. Let the flavors and sights invigorate your senses.

08.30 AM: Descend and Finish Point

As we make our way back, revel in the awe-inspiring panoramic vistas along the descent, until we reach the end point of our trek.

09.30 AM: Balinese Coffee Plantation

Immerse yourself in the rich coffee culture of Bali with a visit to a local coffee plantation. Delve into the traditional methods and treat your taste buds to delightful coffee tastings.

11.00 – 12.30 PM: Return to Your Hotel
Bid farewell to the enchanting sunrise and the enticing flavors of Balinese coffee as we escort you back to your hotel, where you can reminisce about the wonderful memories created.

Price Bali Sunrise Trekking:

IDR 513.000

**The trekking costs above are just an illustration, just an indication/not updated.

Bali Sunrise Trekking Special Promotion
Breakfast & Hot Drink at Sunrise Point
Our experienced guides will take you to the hidden gems of Bali



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