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Kintamani Sunrise Jeep Tour, Kintamani is one of the favorite places for tourists. The extraordinary natural beauty makes Kintamani the best choice. The combination of Mount Batur, lakes and beautiful local plantations makes you feel very calm when visiting Kintamani, Bali.

We have a Jeep Tour Services organization and various activities in Kintamani. We are native Kintamani people who try to provide the best experience for all tourists who visit our village. the most popular activity is the Kintamani Jeep Tour or Bali Jeep

And another one is black lava which is a stretch of petrified lava. This jeep tour program will start from Toya Bungkah village, precisely at the village parking lot. Kintamani Sunrise Jeep Tour, After giving a brief briefing or explanation, participants will immediately board the jeep, which has a capacity of 3 people each, along the asphalt track in Songan village towards black sand or black sand mountain.
Kintamani Sunrise Jeep Tour

Tour Highlights:

Off-Road Excitement: Climb aboard our rugged jeeps specially designed for the challenging terrains surrounding Mount Batur. Feel the adrenaline rush as you navigate through the volcanic foothills and lush landscapes, taking in the scenic beauty that Bali has to offer.

Spectacular Sunrise: Witness the natural spectacle of the sunrise from a vantage point that few get to experience. As the first light of day paints the sky with hues of orange and pink, Mount Batur unveils its majestic beauty, creating a picture-perfect moment that will stay with you forever.

Kintamani Sunrise Jeep Tour Special Promotion
We Will Make Sure Holiday is Memorable
Our experienced guides will take you to the hidden gems of Bali

Volcanic Exploration: Immerse yourself in the unique geological features of Mount Batur. Explore volcanic craters, rugged lava fields, and the awe-inspiring surroundings that showcase the raw, natural beauty of Bali’s volcanic landscapes.

Cultural Insights: Our experienced guides not only navigate the rugged terrain but also share the rich cultural history of the region. Learn about the significance of Mount Batur in Balinese culture and folklore, adding a layer of depth to your adventure.

Comfort and Safety: Rest assured, our well-maintained jeeps and expert drivers prioritize your safety and comfort throughout the journey, allowing you to focus on the beauty unfolding around you.

Experience Kintamani Sunrise Jeep Tour

Kintamani Sunrise Jeep Tour is one of the places where you can see extraordinary natural beauty, here we would like to invite you to travel using a classic 4x4WD Jeep to see the sunrise from the middle of Mount Batur itself.


First, I will pick you up at the hotel where you live. Free pick up for hotels in the Batur area. Pick up time depends on your hotel location.

Black Lava

After finishing enjoying the beautiful sunrise, we will go to Black Lava. 30 minutes from sunrise point. We will take fun photos with Mount Batur as the background.


Travel schedule:


Start From 233K / Pax

**The tour costs above are just an illustration, just an indication/not updated.

Kintamani Sunrise Jeep Tour Special Promotion
We Will Make Sure Holiday is Memorable
Our experienced guides will take you to the hidden gems of Bali

Destinations We Will Visit

About Kintamani Sunrise Jeep Tour

Kintamani Sunrise Jeep Tour to see how beauty sunrise of mount Batur using Jeep, then Black lava. Bali is a Wonderful place. it has many activities, the best one is Jeep Tour at Mount Batur. Black lava bottom of mount batur. There we will see piles of natural stones completely black. Guests often says that this black lava is like “Not like on Earth, but like on the Moon”. It will be memorable experience for you.

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