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Ubud Daily Activities,  Ubud is an escape from the daily hustle and bustle of busy areas in Bali, and many tourists stop by Ubud to enjoy its tranquil beauty. Even though Ubud is busier and more popular than ever, it’s still a wonderful place to visit, and tourists will definitely love the relaxed atmosphere, beautiful jungle views, delicious cafes and restaurants, and the amazing variety of local crafts.

Due to its central location, Ubud is not only a good location to stay, but it is also close to other attractions in Bali. The area is admired by health enthusiasts and tourists alike, and its natural beauty supports the reasons behind it.

If you need a relaxing atmosphere free from the hustle and bustle of the capital city, Ubud Daily Activities Bali is a choice that you must add to your next holiday wish-list. Ubud Bali is surrounded by rainforests and terraces which makes this area popular among local and foreign tourists.

Ubud Daily Activities

So, what activities can you do while there? Come on, let’s see the review below.

Visiting Tegalalang Rice Terrace Ubud Daily Activities

This destination is a favorite choice for tourists visiting Ubud. The view at this place is very unique and stunning. The abundant expanse of green rice fields can be a place for you to relax for a moment while enjoying the breeze.

The slope of the terraced rice fields here is around 40 degrees. Ubud Daily Activities You can also try the Bali Swing activity or a kind of swing that comes directly into contact with nature when swung.

The entrance ticket to the Ubud Daily Activities Bali tourist attraction costs IDR 15 thousand per person and does not include parking fees. There are no opening hours for this tour and the rice field area is open 24 hours. However, if you want the best time to visit this place is 09.00 – 17.00 WITA

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Monkey Forest Ubud

This tourist spot is no less famous than the previous one. Ubud Monkey Forest is a gathering place for monkeys in a beautiful protected forest.

The monkeys here are also tame, but that doesn’t mean they never bother visitors who come, OK? This area has an area of ​​27 hectares and is surrounded by shady trees. You can walk around and take photos with monkeys while at the Ubud Monkey Forest.

To visit this area, you will be charged IDR 80 thousand for adults and IDR 60 thousand for children. This tour is open from 08.30 – 18.00 WITA every day

When entering this area, don’t forget to always obey the existing rules, such as not giving food to monkeys.

1 Day Walking Schedule In Ubud

The following is a travel itinerary to visit tourist attractions in Ubud Daily Activities that Indonesian tourists like. Apart from that, the itinerary for visiting Ubud tourist attractions has a route in the same direction.

The starting time for the sightseeing schedule in Ubud is 1 day, assuming you stay at one of the hotels in the southern Bali tourist area and the road conditions are normal without traffic jams.

If you are staying at the Nusa Dua tourist attraction, then you will probably ask how many hours from Nusa Dua to Ubud? The Ubud tourist area is very wide, to make it easier for me to tell you about the distance and travel time from Nusa Dua to Ubud, I assume you are heading to Central Ubud. If you depart from Nusa Dua to central Ubud, it will take 1 hour 30 minutes with a distance of 41 km.

Relaxing Ubud Day Itinerary

A relaxing Ubud day trip itinerary is a condensed version of our main 1-day itinerary above.

We skipped visiting Tegenungan Waterfall and Tegallalang Rice Terrace in the morning, because the combination with Tirta Empul Temple can be tiring. We’ve also removed going to Warung Biah Biah for lunch to keep your options open. There are so many food options in the center of Ubud that you won’t be confused about what to choose. We passed by the Ubud Art Market, and the Ubud Royal Palace as these are fun things to see but not completely necessary for your day trip.

Ubud Daily Activities Promotion
We Will Make Sure Holiday is Memorable
Our experienced guides will take you to the hidden gems of Bali

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