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Mount Batur Activities, Who doesn’t know Mount Batur? A mountain famous for its charming charm is the main attraction. Mount Batur is one of the mountains that is still active and has a caldera in Bali.

One of the most popular volcanic tourist attractions is located in Kintamani District, Bangli Regency. Mount Batur is special for the Balinese people, because it is considered a phallus which has an important meaning in the religious life of the Balinese people. Apart from that, Mount Batur is considered the embodiment of Pradhana (female), where the embodiment of Pradhana cannot be separated from Purusha (male) on Mount Agung. Both work together to produce fertility and create prosperity for society.

Mount Batur Activities is an ancient mountain with a very wide caldera and charming views of the lake. The highest point of this mountain’s caldera is around 2,152 meters above sea level with the caldera being very wide with a length of 13.8 km and a width of 10 km.

Mount Batur Activities

Interesting Tourist Spots on Mount Batur Activities

Mount Batur Activities In Bali Special Promotion
Breakfast & Hot Drink at Sunrise Point
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Mount Batur Location Facilities and Routes

This tourist spot, which is a favorite climbing spot, has adequate facilities. Mount Batur Activities Facilities that make visitors comfortable include a fairly large parking area, resting or lodging areas and food stalls.

Most of the places to eat here sell views of the mountain and Lake Batur so that tourists can enjoy views of Mount Batur from the highlands while enjoying breakfast or lunch.

The route taken to arrive at this location can be taken using two-wheeled or four-wheeled vehicles. One of the routes from Denpasar City, starting from Ubud to Jalan Raya Pangan then continuing to the KIntamani area to South Batur Village and this mountain tour also operates 24 hours a day.

Entrance Ticket Prices to Mount Batur

Visiting Mount Batur doesn’t require a lot of money. Only IDR 15,000 is the entrance ticket for domestic tourists, while foreign tourists have to spend IDR 30,000, so it is quite affordable for those of you who want to visit here.

However, if you want to continue exploring to other places that are still areas with this mountain, you have to prepare additional costs for this canal trip. If you want to climb, the fee charged is IDR 75,000. It is recommended to come on weekdays because tickets will increase during weekends or school holidays.

**The tour costs above are just an illustration, just an indication/not updated

Mount Batur Activities In Bali Special Promotion
Breakfast & Hot Drink at Sunrise Point
Our experienced guides will take you to the hidden gems of Bali

Mount Batur Sunrise

Mount Batur Activities, also known as Gunung Batur, was formed over 30,000 years ago and rises high above the surrounding landscapes, reaching 1717 m. The best time to appreciate the stunning views is at sunrise, when a sea of pink and orange clouds can be seen floating far below.

When the clouds clear, you can also see endless valleys carpeted in lush green jungle dotted with tiny villages and the beautiful Lake Batur. On a clear day, you can even see as far as Lombok Island out in the Bali Sea. It’s worth every yawn of that early morning start!

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